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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2006 Issue 4

ID Title Authors Year
5238 Vortex trajectory hysteresis above self-formed vortex ripples
David Admiraal; Rodrigo Musalem-Jara; Marcelo García; Yarko Niño
5239 2D-V hydrodynamics of wave–floating breakwater interaction
T.H. Koftis; P. Prinos; E. Koutandos
5240 Pollutant dispersion in water currents under wind action
Angel N. Menéndez; Carlos E. Laciana
5241 Linear stability analysis of a 1-D model with dynamical description of bed-load transport
C. Di Cristo; M. Iervolino; A. Vacca
5242 Analysis and prediction of riverbed changes using empirical orthogonal functions
Tai-Wen Hsu; Chyan-Deng Jan; Kuo-Chyang Chang; Swun-Kwang Wang Ph.D.
5243 Scour holes downstream of bed sills in low-gradient channels
M. Ben Meftah PhD; M. Mossa PhD
5244 Turbulent flow and bed pressure within headcut scour holes due to plane reattached jets
Sean J. Bennett; Carlos V. Alonso
5245 Experimental analysis of the impact of dry avalanches on structures and implication for debris flows
Barbara Zanuttigh PhD; Alberto Lamberti
5246 Outflow calibration for vertically distorted models of thermally stratified reservoirs
Robert Ettema; Marian Muste; A. Jacob Odgaard; Ozan Abaci
5247 Kinematic assessment of floc formation using a Monte Carlo model
Ali Khelifa; Paul S. Hill

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