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Journal of Hydraulic Research 2004 Issue 5

ID Title Authors Year
5387 Performance characteristics of water wheels
Gerald Müller; Klemens Kauppert
5388 Environmental impacts of coordinated sediment flushing
Jian Liu; Shuhei Minami; Hideki Otsuki; Bingyi Liu PhD; Kazuo Ashida PhD
5389 Rapidly varying transient flows in alluvial rivers
Ajay K. Singh PhD; Umesh C. Kothyari; Kittur G. Ranga Raju
5390 Simulation study of flow through a reach of the Chattahoochee River
Jianchun Huang; V.C. Patel; Yong G. Lai; Larry J. Weber
5391 Conveyance in a two-stage meandering channel with a mobile bed
P.R. Wormleaton; R.H.J. SELLIN; T. Bryant
5392 Evaluation of some flux-limited high-resolution schemes for dam-break problems with source terms
Ming-Hyseng Tseng; Chin-Lien Yen
5393 The dynamic effect of pipe-wall viscoelasticity in hydraulic transients. Part I—experimental analysis and creep characterization
Dídia Covas; Ivan Stoianov; Helena Ramos; Nigel Graham; Cedo Maksimovic
5394 The effect of background turbulence on jet entrainment: an experimental study of a plane jet in a shallow coflow
S.J. Gaskin; M. Mckernan; F. Xue
5395 Exact Solutions for Normal Depth Problem
Prabhata K. Swamee; Pushpa N. Rathie
5396 Experimental investigation of bed-load and suspended-load transport over weirs
C. Lauchlan

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