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Proceedings of the 22nd IAHR APD Congress (Sapporo, 2020)

Dear Readers,

It is our pleasure to present you with the proceedings of the 22nd Congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research-Asia Pacific Division (IAHR-APD) organized by Hokkaido University during September 14 to 17, 2020.

IAHR-APD originally was set to take place in Sapporo, Japan but due to the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the local organizing committee decided to turn the conference into a virtual conference setting. We are really sorry that we could not have the usual meeting but we worked hard to make this virtual conference as fruitful and enjoyable as always. The Congress brought up the theme “Creating resilience to water-related challenges”. This phrase was adopted as the main theme of the Congress to maintain awareness of climate change and water-related disasters induced by extreme weather. As every year, the Congress has encouraged meaningful interactions among researchers, industries, and communities, on the dissemination of water-related research achievements and ideas that paves the way for sustainable water and environment-related development.

The local organizing committee would like to express our great appreciation to all the staff of the IAHR and IAHR-APD for their endless and excellent support to the congress. We would like to thank all of the sponsors and participants for their valuable contributions to make this Congress successful and meaningful. We are very grateful to the reviewers of the papers and the editors of the proceedings for all the efforts for providing high-quality and timely review, despite the challenging times of the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, we would like to thank to all the healthcare workers around the world who are working tirelessly to contain this pandemic.

It is our hope that this proceedings will furnish the readers with excellent references and stimulate further studies and researches in the related areas.

Yours sincerely,

Yasuyuki Shimizu
22nd IAHR-APD 2020 Congress Chair

ID Title Authors Year
7516 Numerical Modeling of Secondary Flow in Meandering Estuarine River
Gillang Noor Nugrahaning Gusti; Kiyoshi Kawanishi
7517 Computational Modelling of the Impact of Salt Marsh Management Interventions on Coastal Flooding
William G. Bennett; Thomas J. Van Veelen; Tom P. Fairchild; John N. Griffin; Harshinie Karunarathna
7518 Multi-Decadal Variability in Global Wind and Wave Climate: An Analysis Based on MIROC6 Dataset
Bahareh Kamranzad; Hiroaki Tatebe; Kaoru Takara
7519 Inter and Intra-Annual Variation of Wave Energy in Southeast Asia
Bahareh Kamranzad; Pengzhi Lin; Wen Yi
7520 The Relation Between Propagation Paths of Barometric Waves over the East China Sea and Sea-Level Fluctuations off the West Coast of Kyushu, Japan
Tomonori Saita; Toru Yamashiro
7521 High Wave Coniditions Due to Typhoons Measured at an Offshore Observation Tower
Yasuyuki Baba; Teruhiro Kubo; Nobuhito Mori; Yasunori Watanabe; Tomohito Yamada; Ayumi Saruwatari; Junichi Otsuka; Yusuke Uchiyama; Junichi Ninomiya; Tomoya Shimura
7522 Reynolds Number Effects of Internal Solitary Waves Propagating on a Uniform Slope
Hai Zhu; Songping Mao; Decai Sun; Lingling Wang; Zhezhen Yu; Cheng Lin
7523 Characteristics of Whitecaps Estimated from Image Processing of the Ocean Surface
Yukun Wang; Ryo Ohnishi; Yuji Sugihara; Yoshihiro Nakamura; Osama Eljamal
7524 Flood Control Effect and Habitat Creation in the Middle Basin of the Yodo River Using a Retarding Basin
Yuko Ishida; Kento Okunishi; Masashi Harada; Yoshiya Ogawa; Masato Maegawa
7525 Development of the Global Fluvial Biomass Model Considering Disturbance
Hikari Matsuda; Yui Shinozaki; Naoki Shirakawa

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