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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
9349 A Concept for Water Resource Economics Value
Nadjadji Anwar; Christiono Utomo
9350 Economic Values of Low Impact Development: A Contigent Valuation Study in Hong Kong
Ting Fong May Chui; Wing Yin Ngai
9351 Probabilistic Analysis Based Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Detention Tanks for Flooding Control in the Urban Stormwater Drainage System
Huan-Feng Duan; Fei Li; Tao Tao; Shuping Li
9352 Evacuation Experiment by Bicycle in Flood Water
Keiichi Toda; Taisuke Ishigaki; Yasuyuki Baba
9353 Transient Analysis of Air Cavity Advancing in Drainage Pipelines
Fei Li; Huan-Feng Duan
9354 Relative Vulnerability of Flood and Strom Surge Disasters in Japan
Masahiro Akima; Sokazama; Daisuke Komori
9355 New Concept of Potential Woody Debris Generation in Heavy Rain Events and Assessment of the Risk for Bridge Hazard
Shinichiro Yano; Shota Tsuchihashi; Shunta Dozono; Kiyonobu Kasama
9356 Inundation Damage in Urban Area Affected by Pump Operation
Kenji Kawaike; Hajime Nakagawa; Shoko Fujita; Seungsoo Lee
9357 Subway Inundation by Pluvial Flooding in Urban Area
Ryoji Okabe; Mitsuhiro Terada; Taisuke Ishigaki; Taira Ozaki; Keiichi Toda
9358 Sequential Data Assimilation for Estimating Bed Roughness of Vegetated Flooded Rivers
Keisuke Yoshida; Shiro Maeno

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