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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9432 A Method for Establishing Stage-Discharge Curve by Using Rainfall, Water Level Data and Runoff Model
Tamura Takao; Muto Yasunori; Yamashita Akito
9433 A Critique of the Unit Hydrograph Model: A Case Study in Western Ghats in South India
Mysooru R. Yadupathi Putty; A. M. Aniruddha; N. Pandu; Sanjay Kumar; Vijay Pujar; C. Siddaraju; M. Lohith
9434 Consideration of Subsurface Water and Slope Failure in Mountain Forest Basin Using a Distributed Runoff Model
Hasegawa Ryo; Tamura Takao; Muto Yasunori
9435 Analysis of the Runoff-Generation Using Mike11 NAM with Application to the Nira Deoghar Watershed in Upper Bhima Basin
Preeti Ramkar; S. M. Yadav; K. C. Khare
9436 Applicability of Artificial Swarm Intelligence to Gravity Dam Design and Groundwater Model Identification
Toshio Hamaguchi; Tetsuya Sumi; Shigenobu Tanaka
9437 Estimation of Habitat Potential for Ayu Fish by Riverbed Geomorphology
Koji Mishima; Sohei Kobayashi; Yasuhiro Takemon; Tetsuya Sumi
9438 Assessment of the Feasibility of Using Stormwater for Managed Aquifer Recharge
Ranjan Sarukkalige; Cameron Burns
9439 Integrated Water Resources Management in Lakes and Wetlands Based on Resiliency
Farhad Yazdandoost; Sogol Moradian
9440 Physics Based Distributed Overland Flow Modelling for Yerli Sub-Catchment, Maharashtra, India
V. D. Loliyana; P. L. Patel
9441 Modelling the Heavy Metal (Lead) Transport in a Tidal Estuary
Wen-Cheng Liu; Wei-Bo Chen

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