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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9462 The Water Levels of Thirlmere Lakes-Where DID the Water Go, and When Will It Return?
Philip Pells; Steven Pells
9463 Application of Numerical Model for Long-Term River Bed Variation
Fong-Zuo Lee; Jihn-Sung Lai; Student Cheng-Chia Huang; Yih-Chi Tan; Hui-Ming Hsieh; Zhi-Xian Yang
9464 Optimal Water Management in the Pihimbiyagollawa Tank Cascade System of Sri Lanka
H. S. Madhusan Hettiarachchi; B. M. L. Arunoda Basnayake
9465 Vegetation Increasing in a River and Rainfall Variation Under Short-Term Climate Change
Won Kim; Jong Pil Kim
9466 Seasonal Stochastic Model for Long Term Reservoir Inflow Forecasting for Ukai Reservoir, India
Priyank J. Sharma; P. L. Patel; V. Jothiprakash
9467 Turbulent Flow of a Channel Confluence with the Distorted Shear Layer
Saiyu Yuan; Hongwu Tang; Xuehan Qiu
9468 Water Resource Planning of Mundeni Aru River Basin in Eastern Sri Lanka
Dar Doalge; K Weligepolage
9469 Multipurpose Reservoir Operating Policy Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
D. G. Regulwar; R. U. Kamodkar
9470 Statistical Indices for the Performance Evaluation of Ukai Right Bank Canal, Gujarat
Mukesh. A. Modi; N. J. Shrimali; Ronak B Patel
9471 Field and Laboratory Determination of Water-Surface Elevation and Velocity Using Noncontact Measurements
Jonathan M. Nelson; Paul J. Kinzel; Mark W. Schmeeckle; Richard R. Mcdonald; J. Toby Minear

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