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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
9492 Numerical Modelling of Irregular Wave Impact Forces on Fixed Deck Structures
Rameeza Moideena; Manasa Ranjan Beherab; Balaji Ramakrishnanc
9493 Simulating Geobag Revetment Failure Processes
Leila Khajenoori; Grant Wright; Martin Crapper
9494 Significant Wave Height in Eastern Thailand
Wissanu Hattha; Tetsuya Hiraishi
9495 Experimentalstudy on Effect of Wave Set-up Due to Storm Surge on a Structure
Rashedul Md Islam; Shammi Haque; Tetsuya Hiraishi; Yasuyuki Baba; Hideaki Mizutani; Wissanu Hattha; Shota Okura
9496 An Experimental Study of Solitary Wave Propagation Through Emergent Rigid Vegetation Zone
Xiaochun Tang; Pengzhi Lin
9497 Numericalstudy of SWASH Characteristics Induced by Regular Waves
Zhonglian Jiang; T. E. Baldock
9498 Study of the Eigenfrequency Shift Mechanism Due to an Interior Blockage in a Pipe with Small Radial Protrusion
Moez Louati; Mohamed S. Ghidaoui
9499 A New Suspended Sediment Concentration Model Under Breaking Waves
Gabriel Lim; Ravindra Jayaratne; Tomoya Shibayama
9500 Behavior of Suspended Solids in the Neritic Region of an Inner Bay
Hideo Oshikawa; Ryoma Yoshitake; Akira Tai; Yuichi Hayami
9501 Linkages Between Sediment Composition, Wave Climate and Beach Profile Variability
Harshinie Karunarathna; Dominic E. Reeve; Hajime Mase; Yoshiaki Kuriyama; Roshanka Ranasinghe

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