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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
9502 Mechanism of Salinity Stratification Formation Occurring in the Northern Part of Isahaya Bay, Japan
Sangyeob Kim; Akira Tai; Akihide Tada; Seiji Suzuki
9503 Environment Assessment Method Based on Survey Results of Attached Organisms in Tidal Zone
Tomohiro Ichise; Hiroaki Shimada; Taisuke Ishigaki
9504 Stability Design for Emerged Non-Perforated Semicircular Breakwater
Arkal Vittalhegde; Sooraj Mohan; Sharhabeel P S
9505 Dam Break Experiment to Characterize Landward Bed Scouring for Coastal Dikes
Tomihiro Iiboshi; Shiro Maeno; Keisuke Yoshida; Yusuke Tai; Akihito Takeuchi; Ryosuke Akoh
9506 Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Semi Circle Breakwater, Quarter Circle and Skirt Breakwater
T. J. Jemi Jeya; V. Sriram; V. Sundar
9507 Comparative Analysis of Sea Level Rise and Its Impact on Land and Water Resources-Case of Wellington and Colombo
Wajira Dassanayakeand; Gregory Shahane De Costa
9508 Influences of Retrogressive Erosion of Reservoir on Its Downstream River Channel -- a Case Study on Sanmenxia Reservoir and the Lower
No Authors
9509 River Morphodynamics for Fast Unsteady Flows Using Coupled Equations Model
Khawar Rehman; Tae-Rim Kim; Yong-Sik Cho
9510 An Investigation into the 2014 Debris Flow Event with Driftwood in Hiroshima City, Japan
Naoki Fukuoka; Hiroki Takaoka; Hiroyuki Nagano; Haruyuki Hashimoto
9511 Impacts of Sediment Discharge and Its Particle Size Composition on Channel Transition and Sandbar Formation
Akihiro Sasao; Yasunori Muto; Takao Tamura; Takuto Nomura

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