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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9372 Feasibility Test for Rainfall Detection Using a 76.5 Ghz Compact Radar Sensor
Chanjoo Lee; Won Kim; Jongpil Kim
9373 Experiences from Recent Flood Disasters in Germany
Robert Juepner
9374 Urban Flood Damage Costs Estimation in Developing Country
Nurul Fajar Januriyadi; So Kazama; Idhamr Iyando Moe; Shuichi Kure
9375 Modeling Urban Flood Forces on Buildings Using SPH Method
Sohaib Alahmed; Qingping Zou
9376 The Analysis of Inundation Due to Interior Runoff in Considerationof the Origin
Tatsuya Nonobe; Makoto Takeda; Naoki Matsuo
9377 The Examination on Flood Damage of the Shonai River Considering an Underground Space in Urban Area
Makoto Takeda; Yoshiki Shimada; Kenji Kawaike; Naoki Matsuo
9378 An Inundation Analysis Considering Water Behaviors of Subway in Urban Area
Masataka Murase; Makoto Takeda; Koshiro Nishida; Yusuke Nakajima; Kenji Kawaike; Naoki Matsuo
9379 Walking Speed of Flood-Disaster Evacuations in Various Surrounding Conditions
Rikito Mizuno; Yasuo Nihei
9380 Flood Inundation Modelling Considering the Effect of Debris Blockage in Bridges
M. A. C. Niroshinie; Yasuo Nihei
9381 Applying Quantitative Precipitation Estimations of Radar to Improve a Rainfall-Threshold Based Flood Warning System in Taiwan
Hao-Yu Liao; Tsung-Yi Pan; Ming-Daw Su; Ming-Chang Hsieh; Yih-Chi Tan; Tsang-Jung Chang

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