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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9522 Estimation on Global Fluvial Discharge of Sediment to the Coasts: A Review
Cheng Liu; Yun He; Jianguo Chen
9523 Aggradation in Mobile Boundary Channel Due to Overloading of Sediments
P. Laxmi Narayana; P. V. Timbadiya; P. L. Patel
9524 Dimension Analysis of Sabo Works on Countermeasures Debris Flows in Putih River, Indonesia
Jazaul Ikhsan; Puji Harsanto; Tria Wulandari Octaviani; Sutikno Hardjosuwarno; Adam Pamudji Rahardjo
9525 An Observationalresearchon Hydrological Dataand Sediment Transportinthe Nishidani River Basin
Nobuhide Koi; Yasunori Muto; Takao Tamura
9526 Sedimentation Issues of Historical Cauvery Irrigation System in India
P. K. Suresh; S. Sakthivel; R. Sundaravadivelu; R. Panneer Selvam; C. Podupanitilakam
9527 Erosion in Stilling Basin of MILL-Moghan Diversion Dam
Abolfazl Nazari Giglou; Ziba Kazemi
9528 Numerical Investigation on the Effect of the Angle of Spur Dike on Controlling of Sedimentation
Abolfazl Nazari Giglou
9529 Field and Laboratory Determination of Water-Surface Elevation and Velocity Using Noncontact Measurements
Jonathan M. Nelson; Paul J. Kinzel; Mark W. Schmeeckle; Richard R. Mcdonald; J. Toby Minear
9530 Morphological Changes in Estuary with Longterm Analysis of Characteristic Water Level
Kazuaki Ohtsuki; Yasuo Nihei
9531 Effects of Upstream Spur Dike on Sand Deposition in a Riverside Concavity
Akihiro Tominaga; Naoki Kojima; Tomomichi Kato

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