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Proceedings of the 20th IAHR APD Congress (Colombo, 2016)

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9412 Sensitivity of the Length of Data on the Threshold Levels of Hydrological Droughts
D. M. C. S. Mimrose; L. N. N. Jayasuriya; M. A. Bhuiyan; M. A. Bari
9413 Uncertainty Assessment in Climate Change Simulations of Ganges Basin
Jisha Joseph; Amey Pathak; Subimal Ghosh
9414 Sea Level Rise and Flood Risk Assessment of Low-Lying Areas-a Case Study of Cochin Estuary
T. Jayasankar; Anju Joy; T. I. Eldho
9415 Simplified Model Forecasting Changes to Groundwater Table and Land Lost Due to Sea Level Rise
Jiannan Li; Gregory Shahane De Costa; David Philips
9416 Assessment of Wadi-Flow Variations Attributed to Climate Change in Muscat, Oman
Luminda Gunawardhana; Ghazi A. Al-Rawas; So Kazama
9417 Climate Change Impact on River Discharge in Japan Using a MRI-AGCM3.2S
Yoshinobu Sato
9418 Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Groundwater Level and Irrigation Cost Under Climate Change in Bangladesh
Golam Saleh Ahmed Salem; So Kazama; Daisuke Komori; Shamsuddin Shahid; Nepal C. Dey
9419 Adaptive Genetic Consequences of Climate Change for Stream Insects: A Hydrothermal Simulation Approach
Kei Nukazawa; So Kazama; Kozo Watanabe
9420 Flood Mitigation Through Riparian Detention in Response to Climate Variability -- a Case Study in Taiwan
Kwan Tun Lee; Pin-Chun Huang
9421 Predicting the Number of Ayu-Fish Migrating Upstream Each Year by a Distributed Hydrological Model in the Yodo River Basin
Shinji Urabe; Yasuhiro Takemon; Tetsuya Sumi

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