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Proceedings of the 19th IAHR APD Congress (Hanoi, 2014)

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ID Title Authors Year
9713 Tsunami Mitigation by Using a Shore-Parallel Canal and Coastal Embankment
Hitoshi Tanaka
9714 Linking Climate Change to Hydrological Impact and Adaptation Studies: Recent Developments in Downscaling Methods
Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen
9715 Understanding Implications of Climate Change for Water Resources
Young-Oh Kim
9716 3D LBM Numerical Analysis of the Behavior of Bed-Load Layer in Open Channel Shear Flow
Lulu He; Wataru Kioka; Cuiping Kuang
9717 Long Wave Propagation and Bore Dynamics in Coastal and Estuarine Environments
Philippe Bonneton
9718 Pseudo-Global Warming Experiment and Its Application to the Evaluation on Flood Scale Changes
Kenichiro Kobayashi; Yuichiro Oku; Eiichi Nakakita; Masuo Nakano; Kaorutakara
9719 Assessing Changes in Daily Rainfall Extremes in South Australia
Mohammad Kamruzzaman; Simon Beecham; And Andrew V. Metcalfe
9720 Statistical Modeling of Precipitation Process for an Ungauged Site in the Context of Climate Change
Myeong-Ho Yeo; Van-Thanh-Van Nguyen
9721 Impact of Climate Change on Watershed Hydrology in an Agricultural Tiledrained Watershed
Golmar Golmohammadi; Shiv Prasher; Ali Madani; Ramesh Rudra
9722 Modeling Hydrological Impact of Glacier Retreat in Bolivian Andes Under Changing Climate
Tsuyoshi Kinouchi; Javier Mendoza; Jose Luna

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