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Proceedings of the 19th IAHR APD Congress (Hanoi, 2014)

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9723 Modeling the Impact of Climate Change on the Hydrology of Peninsular Malaysia Watersheds During 21st Century
M. L. Kavvas; Su-Hyung Jang; Z. Q. Chen; K. Ishida; A. Ercan; M. Z. M. Amin; A. J. Shaaban
9724 Integrated Flood Hazard Analysis Under Extreme Hydrologic Condition
Kun-Yeun Han; Taehyung Kim
9725 Application of the Deterministic Hydrological Model for Large Catchment Case Study at Vu Gia-Thu Bon Catchment-Viet NAM
Vo Ngoc Duong; Philippe Gourbesville
9726 Climate Change, Rainfall Extremes, and Changes to Design Principles in Engineering Hydrology
Ashish Sharma
9727 Flood Estimation Under Changing Climates
James E. Ball
9728 Ground Subsidence Due to Fluid Extraction: A Collateral Effect of Climate Change
A. P. S. Selvadurai
9729 Searching for Proxy Precipitation Data in Data Sparse Southeast Asia
S. Y. Liong; S. C. Liew; M. T. Vu; V. S. Raghavan; V. T. Phan
9730 A Flow Simulation of a Bridge-Induced Flood in a River Using Smoothedparticle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method
N. Kimura; A. Tai
9731 A Fuzzy Logic and Numerical Modeling Approach to Surface Water Groundwater Interaction
S. K Pramada; Sowmya Venugopal
9732 A Hydrological Approach to Revealing Relationship Between Physical Habitat and Genetic Diversity of Stream Invertebrates
Kei Nukazawa; So Kazama; Akihiko Takase; Kozo Watanabe

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