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Proceedings of the 19th IAHR APD Congress (Hanoi, 2014)

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9773 Bias Correction with Dynamical Downscaling of Rainfall over Bangkok Under Climate Change
Thannob Aribarg; Natthapol Thongthaeng; Siriporn Supratid; Seree Supratid
9774 Biomass and Nutrient Stock of Lotus (Nelubo Nucifera) in Lake Izunuma
S. Nakada; M. Umeda; T. Shimada; Y. Fujimoto
9775 Breaching Mechanism Analysys of Coastal Levees HIT by 2011 Tsunami
Tatsuki Iida; Shuichi Kure; Keiko Udo; Akira Mano; Hitoshi Tanaka
9776 Calibration of Roughness Coefficients in Compound Channels Implications
Nguyen Thu Hien
9777 Car Behavior Model Used in Simulating Flood Evacuation
Kengo Hanajima; Tomoharu Hori; Daisuke Nohara
9778 Causes and Engineering Solutions for Stablising the Bed of River and Navigation in Lap Estuary of Ba RIA-Vung Tau Province
Nguyen Van Giap; Truong Van Bon; Vu Van Ngoc; Nguyen Trung Viet
9779 Cavity Characteristics of an Aerator with Low Froude Number
Shangtuo Qian; Jianhua Wu; Fei Ma
9780 Change in Extreme Rainfall Indices over Vietnam, Assessed Using Global Superhigh Resolution Climate Model Output
Do Hoai Nam; Nguyen Quoc Dung; Keiko Udo; Akira Mano
9781 Change of River Bed Material due to Flood on July 2009 and Long Term River Bed Variation in Saba River, Japan
Koji Asai; Atsuhiko Takasaki; Kazumitsu Muraoka; Hakobu Yorozu
9782 Channel Transition Processes by Natural and Artificial Impacts in the Middle Yoshino River
Kazushi Nomura; Yasunori Muto; Takao Tamura

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