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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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ID Title Authors Year
10049 Self Organized Patterns of Hydrological and Environmental Data Measured in a Reservoir, Korea
Young-Hoon Jin; Sung-Chun Park; Kyong-Bum Roh; Chang-Ryol Oh
10050 Detection of Relationship Between Hydrological and Water Qualtiy Data in a Reservoir, Korea Using Wavelet Transform
Young-Hoon Jin; Chang-Ryol Oh; Sung-Chun Park; Kyong-Bum Roh
10051 A Practical Method to Estimate Missing Discharge Data
Masahiro Tezuka; Koichiro Ohgushi
10052 Construction of the 3D River Models Using LIDAR, Aerial Photographs and Sonar
Yunjae Choung; Myung Hee Jo
10053 Assessment of Flood Hazard and Vulnerability in the Han River Basin, Korea
Sun-Kwon Yoon; Jong-Suk Kim; Young-Il Moon
10054 Improvement of Water Balance in Urban Catchment Area by Installation of Rainwater Infiltration Inlets
Takuya Yasuoka; Yasuo Nihei; Yoshinori Kawabata; Mitsuru Yoshida; Taro Shoji; Hiroshi Uehara; Takashi Yuasa; Hisako Ogura
10055 Gene Expression Programming for Hydrologic Forecasting
Sungwon Kim; Jalal Shiri; Ki-Bum Park; Young-Min Seo
10056 Comparison of Bayesian and Spatial Bootstrap Methods for Estimating Rainfall Spatial Distribution
Young-Min Seo; Ki-Bum Park; Sungwon Kim
10057 Influence of Sidewall on Swimming Behavior of Isolated Ayu, Plecoglossus Altivelis Altivelis
Kouki Onitsuka; Juichiro Akiyama; Koichiro Matsuda; Shohei Noguchi; Hikaru Takeuch
10058 Swimming Behavior of Nipponocypris Temminckii in Open-Channel with Interception
Kouki Onitsuka; Juichiro Akiyama; Bin Shiraoka; Kazuya Mihara; Hikaru Takeuchi

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