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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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10139 Effects of the Depth of the Pool in Pool-and-Weir Fishway on Migration Rate
Kouki Onitsuka; Juichiro Akiyama; Saori Kuramoto; Koichiro Matsuda; Shohei Noguchi
10140 Research on Ecological Functions of Flood for Mammals Inhabiting Along a River Terrace and the Surrounded Area
Masatoshi Denda; Junji Miwa; Toshitaka Iwamoto
10141 Effects of an Artificial Short-Circuiting Channel on Pollutant Transport in a Constructed Wetland
Shuang Gao; Tadaharu Ishikawa; Yi Zhang
10142 Impacts of Flood Control Dam on Understand of Flood Disaster and Evacuation Activities of Flooded People
Terunori Ohmoto; Naoki Yamashita
10143 Study on H-Va Inundation Analysis Model Considering Sewer Analysis
Makoto Takeda; Naoki Matsuo
10144 Tide-Driven Controls on Maximum Near-Bed Floc Size in a Tidal Estuary
Mahdi Razaz; Kiyosi Kawanisi
10145 The Effect of in-Ground Stilling Basin Geometry Combined by Slit-Type End-Sill on Flow Pattern and Energy Dissipation Below the Flood Mitigation Dams
M. E. Meshkati Shahmirzadi; Tetsuya Sumi; S. A. Kantoush
10146 An Investigation on the Geometrical Properties of the Root System of Mangroves and Its Influence on Flow
Xiaofeng Zhang; Hin Fatt Cheong; Vivien P. Chua
10147 Mixing of 45° Inclined Dense Jets in Shallow Coastal Waters: PIV Measurements
Baoxin Jiang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law; Joseph Hun-Wei Lee
10148 Determination of Effective Components on Integrated Water Resources Management by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Farhad Yazdandoost; Jalil Mobaraki

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