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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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ID Title Authors Year
10089 Distribution of Streambed Structures and Their Functions in Fluvial Morphology
Huai-Xiang Liua; Zhao-Yin Wangb; Yong-Jun Lua; Guo-An Yuc
10090 An Analysis of Storm Surge Impact in Saga Plain, Japan
Ariestides K. T. Dundu; Koichiro Ohgushi
10091 Study on Residual Flow and Salinity During Neap and Spring Period at the Channels Around Ganghwa and Seokmo, South Korea
Nak Yong Choi; Byung Il Yoon; Jong Wook Kim; Jin Il Song; Seung-Buhm Woo
10092 Influence of Seepage Flow on Pore Water Quality in Fluvial Sediment in a Branch Area of Tidal Estuary
Katsuaki Komai; Junko Kato; Kazuki Kokubo; Shinya Nakashita; Tadashi Hibino; Keisuke Nakayama
10093 Correlations Between Freshwater Discharge and Salinity Distribution in the Han River Estuary
Byung Il Yoon; Seung-Buhm Woo
10094 River Water Management for Climate Change in the Kiso River System in Japan
Yoshinobu Sato; Yuri Michihiro; Yasushi Suzuki; Kenji Tanaka; Eiichi Nakakita
10095 Assessment of Hydrological Regime of Downstream of RED River System in Dry Season Under the Impact of Climate Change
Vu Minh Ca
10096 Optimization and Analysis of the Flow Characteristics of a Spillway by 3-D Numerical Simulation
Mu Zhen-Wei; Zhang Zhi-Yan; Zhao Tao
10097 A Study on the Flood Management of Jobaru River Basin by Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering Approach
Koichiro Ohgushi; Jeffry Sumarauw; Takenori Hino
10098 A Preliminary Study on Spinulose Stream Networks in the Xinghai-Tongde Basin
Du Jun; Wang Zhaoyin; Li Zhiwei; Han Lujie

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