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Proceedings of the 18th IAHR APD Congress (Jeju, 2012)

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10109 Velocity Distribution and Particle Trajectories in Internal Wave Propagating on an Upper Slope
Kim-Cuong Nguyen; Motohiko Umeyama; Tetsuya Shintani
10110 Quantitative Estimation of Residual Currents Around Submerged Asymmetric Structures in Wave Fields
Hideo Oshikawa; Kohei Motomura; Toshimitsu Komatsu
10111 The Forces on a Column Due to Driftage Carried by Solitary Waves
Akira Shibuya; Shinichi Arai; Toshihiko Takahashi; Akihiro Aihara
10112 A TVD-Waf Finite Volume Model for Roll Wave Simulation
Ali Mahdavi; Nasser Talebbeydokhti
10113 Hydraulic Analysis and Optimal Solution for Gravity Irrigation System in the Tidal Areas Under Climate Change Scenarios
Viet Hung. Ho; Thi Thu Hien. Le; Thi Ngoc Hang. Mai
10114 Study on Influence of Climate Change and Human Activities on Baiyangdian Lake's Inflow
Niu Cunwen; Lv Caixia; Jia Yangwen; Qiu Yaqin; You Jinjun
10115 Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in the Day River Basin (VIETNAM) and Possible Adaptation Measures
Le V?N Chin; Nguyen Tuan Anh; Roberto Ranzi
10116 Restraining Effects of Deposition in an Artificial Embayment by Piling Along Its Entrance
A. Tominaga; Y. Urayama
10117 Investigation of River Discharge Fluctuations in a Shallow Gravel-Bed River
Kazuhiko Ishikawa; Kiyosi Kawanisib; Mahdi Razaz; Yano Junki
10118 Recommendation on Solid Boundary Condition Using Mesh-Free Method Model in Open Channel Simulation
Lei Fu; Yee-Chung Jin

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