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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10271 White River? Green River? -Sand/Gravel BAR Succession to Riparian Vegetation in the Rivers, Korea
Hyoseop Woo; Moon Hyeong Park; Sang Joon Jeong; Han Tae Kim
10272 A Practical Method of Calculating Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) for Macroinvertebrates
Xue-Hua Duan; Zhao-Yin Wang; Meng-Zhen Xu
10273 Collapse of Trees Induced by Gust Disaster at the Arakawa River on Feb 2008
Yasumasa Yamada; Hisao Nagabayashi
10274 Nutrient Loads Due to Birds in a Small Tidal Flat
Eiji Yauchi; Kazuhisa Onodera; Maiko Motonaga
10275 Effects of Growth and Interspecific Competition of Riparian Vegetation on Cross-Sectional Bed Topography of Sand Bed River
Yuji Toda; Tetsuro Tsujimoto; Hideki Maeda
10276 Volumetric Water Flow Measurement System
Mohammad Riahi; Homayoon Sabbaghzadeh; Rouhallah Benvari; Maziar Ahamadi Zeidabadi
10277 National/Regional Water Dispatching Center (N/RWDC)
Mohammad Riahi; Homayoon Sabbaghzadeh; Ali Moridi; Mohammad Ali Tabibi
10278 Modelling of Flow in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA Using a Quadtree Grid
Nguyen Quang Chien; Tan Soon Keat
10279 Agricultural Water Use in New Zealand: Should More Be Done to Balance Private Property Rights with Greater Public Interest in an Increasingly Scarce Resource?
R. Fisher; G. Halsey; K Cooper
10280 Effects of Boulder Arrangement on a Gravel-Bed Flow
Chamika De Costa; N. Henrys; S. Coleman

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