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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10281 Tidal Exceedances, Storm Tides and the Effect of Sea-Level Rise
Robert Bell
10282 Evaluation of Climate Change Effects on Discharge Generation in a Heterogeneous Watershed
Freddy Soria; So Kazama
10283 Genetic Programming Based Sea Level Anomaly Forecasting Models as Data Assimilation Tools
Rao Raghuraj; Vladan Babovic
10284 Coupling a Hydrological Model and a Crop Growth Model to Predict Crop Yield Under Climate Change in the Haihe River Basin
Suhui Shen; Yangwen Jia; Cunwen Niu
10285 Effect of Leachete from Sanitary Landfills in the Pollution of Lakes and Rivers
Ana Rodriguez; Freddy Soria
10286 Development and Application of a 1-D Dynamic Water Quality Model in the Luanhe River
Yangwen Jia; Hui Gao; Cunwen Niu
10287 A Mixed Zone Transport Model of Flow Through a Constructed Wetland
Graham A. Jenkins
10288 Dry Weather Bacteria Monitoring and Variation with Land Use for Kranji Reservoir Catchment, Singapore
Lloyd H. C. Chua; Peter Shanahan; Edmond Y. M. Lo; Ban Shuy; Janelle Thompson; Cameron C. Dixon; Kathleen B. Kerigan; Jean Pierre Nshimyimana; Jessica M. Yeager; Li-Jun Lee; Yu-Ling Por
10289 Innovation of a Wastewater Screening Device for Sewer Overflows: CFD Modelling
Charley Lubinbert; Monzur Imteaz; Jamal Naser; Donald Phillips
10290 Development and Testing of a Low Cost, Light Weight Filtration Media for the Removal of Ortho-Phosphate
Jia Ma; James H. Lenhart; D. Wre; Karel Tracy

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