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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10311 Modeling of Sediment Transport and Morphologic Changes in Alluvial Channels
Minh Duc Bui; Peter Rutschmann
10312 Erosion of Unsaturated River Embankment Due to Overtopping
Hajime Nakagawa; Takaharu Utsumi; Kenji Kawaike; Yasuyuki Baba; Hao Zhang; Ripendra Awal
10313 Sediment Erosion at Channel Junction in Subcritical Flow
A. Nazari G.
10314 Numerical and Experimental Study of Development and Transition Processes of Dunes
Shinichiro Onda; Takashi Hosoda; Yoshizumi Ishibashi
10315 Reach Scale Modelling of Sediment Transport in Tropical Australia
Eric M. Valentine
10316 Pyroclastic Deposit Characteristics of Volcanic Rivers and Its Affect to the Transport Mechanism (A Case Study: Gendol River, Mt. Merapi, Indonesia)
Wasis Wardoyo; Djoko Legono; Rachmad Jayadi; Teuku Faisal Fathani
10317 The Relationship Between the BAR Generation Process and Tree Growth at the Meander Restoration Site on the Shibetsu River
Masato Yamamoto; Yasuharu Watanabe; Hiroyasu Yasuda
10318 Quasi-3D Flow Solver by CIP-Soroban Scheme and Its Application to Flood Flow in Tone River, Japan
Keisuke Yoshida; Tadaharu Ishikawa
10319 Simulation of Dunes in Rivers Using Large Eddy Simulation
M. Nabi
10320 Bed Variation Around Spur Dyke Under Non-Uniform Sediment Transport
Hao Zhang; Hajime Nakagawa; Hideaki Mizutani

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