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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10191 Energy-Based Stability Criteria for Shallow Flows
M. Y. Lam; M. S. Ghidaoui; A. A. Kolyshkin
10192 Surface Runoff Friction Factor and Time of Concentration
D. H. Yoo; T. H. Lee; M. H. Lee
10193 Numerical Simulation of Reversing Lake Outflow
Hugh Macmurray
10194 Membrane Finite Element Method for Fluid Flow in Porous Medium
Zhan Meili; Sheng Jinchang; Zhang Yu; Yang Lin; He Shuyuan
10195 3D Numerical Prediction Method for Floating Objects in Free-Surface Flows
S. Ushijima; A. Fukutani; O. Makino; N. Kuroda
10196 Continuous Monitoring of Water Discharge, Temperature, and Salinity in a Tidal River with a New Acoustic Tomography System
Kiyoshi Kawanishi; Satoshi Watanabe; Arata Kaneko
10197 Sequential Characterization of Contaminant Plumes Using Designed Monitoring Network
Deepesh Singh; Bithin Datta
10198 Dispersion Simulation of Negative Buoyant Jet Discharged from Orv
Il Won Seo; Chang Geun Song; In Ok Jun; Seung Yong Oh
10199 A New Method for Boundary Rivers or Coastline Treatment in Watershed Delineation
Xiao-Hui Lei; Zu-Hao Zhou; Xiang-Yi Ding; Yang-Wen Jia; Yu Tian
10200 Comparative Study of Ground Water Recharge Methods and Its Sustainibility Through Parametric Evaluations
S D Desai; S B Charhate; P A Dode

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