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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10221 An Investigation into the Behaviour of a Jet at an Oblique Angle to a Cross-Flow
Eric Scheepbouwer; Mark J. Davidson; Roger I. Nokes
10222 Optimising Effluent Release in a Sub Tropical Estuarine Environment – Smartrelease Decision Support System
Greg Stuart; Franz Thomsen; Simon Mortensen; Sayed Khan; Anna Hollingsworth; Matt Pollard; Bill Capati; Rodger Tomlinson; Sally Kirkpatrick
10223 Plans for the Localization of Implementing Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring Systems by Remote Sensing
Homayoon Sabbaghzadeh; Ali Moridi; Majid Delavar
10224 Stream Flow Forecasting Using Model Trees
Shreenivas Londhe
10225 River Stage Profile Forecasting Using Dynamic Wave Routing Technique and Artifical Neural Networks
Ming-Hsi Hsu; Shu-Horng Lin; Jin-Cheng Fu
10226 Developing an Ecosystem Databaseusing Gisight
Toshiyuki Moriyama; Masahiro Takagi; Kyotaro Kon; Akiko Ogawa; Makoto Hikida
10227 The Dynamics of a Steady Shallow Turbulent Jet
Claire Biggs; Roger Nokes; Ross Vennell
10228 Prediction of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition onto Aquatic Ecosystem Using Artificial Neural Network
Sundarambal Palani; Pavel Tkalich; Rajasekhar Balasubramanian; Jegathambal Palanichamy
10229 Computing Strouhal Number in Transverse Wave Generation by Vortex Shedding in Open Channels
Reza Azizi; Mehdi Ghomeshi
10230 Assessment of Flood Hazard MAP Using Simulation of Inundation and Human Behaviors
Tetsuro Tsujimoto; Ukai; Ryota Tsubaki

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