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Proceedings of the 17th IAHR APD Congress (Auckland, 2010)

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10251 One-Dimensional Upwind Implicit Scheme for Estimating Flow Resistance by Trees
Jisung Kim; Won Kim; Keuksoo Kim
10252 Against the Flow: Prioritising Competing Needs in the Management of the Waikato River
Kepa Morgan
10253 The Hydraulic Monitoring for the Nature-Friendly Improved Kyungan River
Seojun Kim; Jihye Kim; Byungman Yoon; Un Ji
10254 Current and Water Quality at the Mouth of Tokyo and Ise Bay Obtained by Ferry Observation
Kojiro Suzuki
10255 Numerical Study on Mixing Process of Density Current in a Brackish Lake Enhanced by Bed Mounted Obstacles
T. Kudo; I. Kimura; Y. Shimizu; H. Yasuda
10256 Hydraulic Characteristics of Drainage Sub-Channel in Han River
D. H. Yoo; G. K. Lee
10257 A Hybrid RANS-LES Model for Flows in Open-Channel T-Diversions
C. Zeng; C. W. Li
10258 Eco-Compatible Management of River Basins Composed of Assembly of Flux Networks and Distributed Landscapes
Tetsuro Tsujimoto; Yuji Toda; Makiko Obana
10259 Flow Structure in a Compound Meandring Channel with Embayments
Muto Yasunori; Ishigaki Taisuke; Kondo Haruki
10260 Indicators for Classifying the Possibility of Forestation on a Gravel BAR in a River
Norio Tanaka; Junji Yagisawa

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