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Proceedings of the 4th IAHR European Congress (Liege, 2016)

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  • ISBN: 9781138029774
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Editor(s): Sebastien Erpicum; Benjamin Dewals; Pierre Archambeau; Michel Pirotton
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ID Title Authors Year
10527 A Two-Fluid SPH Model for Landslides
A. Ghaitanellis; D. Violeau; A. Leroy; A. Joly; M. Ferrand
10528 Hydraulic Modelling Strategies for Flood Mapping. Application to Coastal Area in Central Vietnam
Vo Ngoc Duong; Philippe Gourbesville
10529 Estimation of 1D-Confluence Model Parameters in Right-Angled Discordant Beds' Confluences Using 3D Numerical Model
D. Dordevic
10530 Practical Application of Numerical Modelling to Overbank Flows in a Compound River Channel
P. M. Moreta; A. J. Rotimi; A. S. Kawuwa; S. Lopez-Querol
10531 Comparison Between Different Methods to Compute the Numerical Fluctuations in Path-Conservative Schemes for SWE-Exner Model
Francesco Carraro; Valerio Caleffi; Alessandro Valiani
10532 A New Osher Riemann Solver for Shallow Water Flow over Fixed or Mobile Bed
D. Zugliani; G. Rosatti
10533 Grid Coarsening and Uncertainty in 2D Hydrodynamic Modelling
V. Bellos; G. Tsakiris
10534 Migration Characteristics of a Meandering River: The Madhumati River, Bangladesh
Mohd. Sarfaraz Banda; Shinji Egashira
10535 Employing Surrogate Modelling for the Calibration of a 2D Flood Simulation Model
V. Christelis; V. Bellos; G. Tsakiris
10536 Estimating Stem-Scale Mixing Coefficients in Low Velocity Flows
F. Sonnenwald; I. Guymer; A. Marchant; N. Wilson; M. Golzar; V. Stovin

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