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Proceedings of the 4th IAHR European Congress (Liege, 2016)

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  • ISBN: 9781138029774
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Editor: Sebastien Erpicum; Benjamin Dewals; Pierre Archambeau; Michel Pirotton
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ID Title Authors Year
10566 Experimental Assessment of Head Losses Through Elliptical and Sharp-Edged Orifices
N. J. Adam; G. De Cesare; A. J. Schleiss
10567 Integrated Assessment of Underground Pumped-Storage Facilities Using Existing Coal Mine Infrastructure
R. Alvarado Montero; T. Wortberg; J. Binias; A. Niemann
10568 Feasibility Assessment of Micro-Hydropower for Energy Recovery in the Water Supply Network of the City of Fribourg
I. Samora; P. Manso; M. J. Franca; A. J. Schleiss; H. M. Ramos
10569 Banki-Michell Micro-Turbines for Energy Production in Water Distribution Networks
V. Sammartano; P. Filianoti; G. Morreale; M. Sinagra; T. Tucciarelli
10570 Integration of Hydropower Plant Within an Existing Weir -- “A Hidden Treasure”
M. Marence; J. S. Ingabire; B. Taks
10571 Numerical Simulation of Periodically Forced Convective Currents in Aquatic Canopies
M. Tsakiri; P. Prinos
10572 Experiments on the Impact of Snow Avalanches into Water
G. Zitti; C. Ancey; M. Postacchini; M. Brocchini
10573 Two Dimensional Lattice Boltzmann Numerical Simulation of a Buoyant Jet
A. Montessori; P. Prestininzi; M. La Rocca; D. Malcangio; M. Mossa
10574 Interfacial Instabilities of Gravity Currents in the Presence of Surface Waves
L. M. Stancanelli; R. E. Musumeci; E. Foti
10575 Unraveling Salt Fluxes: A Tool to Determine Flux Components and Dispersion Rates from 3D Models
W. M. Kranenburg; T. van der Kaaij; H. van den Boogaard; R. E. Uittenbogaard; Y. M. Dijkstra

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