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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10752 Comparison of Extreme Storms in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean
S. Ponce De Leon; J. Gomez; A. Sanchez-Arcilla; C. Guedes Soares
10753 Comparison of Methods to Assess Reservoir Volume and Sedimentation Based on Bathymetric Surveys
M. V. Estigoni; N. P. Requena Sanchez; R. B. Miranda; J. I. Kuwajima; F. F. Mauad
10754 Manipulation of Non-Aerated Cavity Flow on a Stepped Spillway Model
Daniel B. Bung; Mario Oertel
10755 Characterization of Basic Fluvial Dunes Parameters: A Field Study in the Vistula River, Poland
Robert J. Bialik; Mikolaj Karpinski; Agnieszka Rajwa; Oskar Glowacki
10756 The Risk Analysis of Levee Systems
Remy Tourment; Michael Wallis; Bruno Beullac; Andreas Kortenhaus; David M. Schaaf; Harry Schelfhout
10757 Empirical Orthogonal Function Analyses of High Frequency Radar Surface Currents in Galway Bay
Lei Ren; Stephen Nash; Michael Hartnett
10758 Comparison Between Streamflow Peaks and Daily Maximum Streamflows: Torrential Catchments
Elena Carcano; Paolo Bartolini
10759 Water Managment in the Ancestral Agroecosystem with MIX Drainage of Suka Kollus North Bolivia
Guarachi Edwin; Sainz Humberto; Serrano Genaro
10760 An Operational Statistical Scheme for Tropical Cyclone Induced Rainfall Forecast
Qinglan Li; Hongping Lan; Johnny C. L. Chan; Chunyan Cao; Cheng Li
10761 Effects of Reservoirs on Downstream Flood Frequency Curves
Alessandro Masoero; Daniele Ganora; Pierluigi Claps; Alberto Petaccia

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