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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10585 Drought Risk and Climate Change Impacts on Querencasilves Aquifer and Odelouca Watershed (ALGARVE)
M. E Novo; M. M Oliveira; L. Oliveira
10586 Steady and Unsteady Supercritical Shallow Water Modelling Using a Transformed Lattice Boltzmann Scheme
Amir H. Hedjripour; David P. Callaghan; Tom E. Baldock
10587 Hydraulic Modeling of the Effects of Glen Canyon Dam Operations on Larva Rainbow Trout Habitat in the Colorado River
Weiwei Yao; Minh Duc Bui; Peter Rutschmann
10588 Modeling the Influence of the Climate Change on the Vegetation Pattern Variation Using a Cellular Automata Model
Domenico Caracciolo; Erkan Istanbulluoglu; Leonardo V. Noto
10589 Sensitivity of an Escherichia Coli Transport Model to the Decay Rate in a Coastal Basin
Maria Bermudez; Reza Ahmadian; Bettina Bockelmann-Evans; Luis Cea; Jeronimo Puertas
10590 Stereoscopic PIV Measurements in Turbid Waters on Natural Beds
Maxime Rouzes; Frederic Moulin; Olivier Eiff
10591 Velocity Measurements in Compound Open Channel with Pile Permeable Groynes
Hassan S. Ahmed; Mona M. Mostafa; Gamal A. Abelraheem; Nashaat A. Ali; Akihiro Tominaga
10592 The Influence of Porosity on the Structure and Behavior of Gravity Currents Propagating into an Aquatic Canopy
Ayse Yuksel Ozan; George Constantinescu
10593 Hydrodynamics of Flow in the Vicinity of Wall-Mounted Cylinder with Fitted Collar
O. Birjukova; P. Sanches; R. M. L. Ferreira; A. H. Cardoso
10594 Flow Structure Around Two Rows of Cylindrical Rods in Vegetated Floodplain of a Compound Channel
Alireza Keshavarzi; James Ball

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