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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10615 Morphometric Analysis of a Sandy Dune & Breach Scenarios: A 3D GIS Based Approach
Jorge Alex; Re Almeida; Fernando Veloso-Gomes; Jose Claudino Cardoso
10616 Characterizing Wave Breaking on Rubble Mound Breakwaters on Steep Bottom Slopes
M. P. Herrera; J. Molines; V. Pardo; M. E. Gomez-Martin; J. A. Gonzalez-Escriva; J. R. Medina
10617 3D Hydraulic Stability Tests and Construction of Single-Layer Cubipod Armored Breakwaters at Punta Langosteira (A Coruna, Spain)
M. E. Gomez-Martin; A. Corredor; M. Santos; E. Macineira; J. R. Medina
10618 Overtopping Reduction for Harbor Quays Under Very Oblique Waves Attack
Sebastian Dan; Corrado Altomare; Tomohiro Suzuki; Tim Spiesschaert; Marc Willems; Toon Verwaest
10619 Particle Motions in Oscillatory Flow over a Smooth Bed
Karsten Lindegard Jensen; B. Mutlu Sumer; Jorgen Fredsoe; Jacob Hjelmager Jensen
10620 A Multi-Resolutoin Discontinous Galerkin Method for One Dimensional Shallow Flow Modeling
Georges Kesserwani; Nils Gerhard; Siegfried Muller; Dilshad Haleem
10621 Implicit Time Step Relaxation of Bidimensional Shallow Water Finite Volume Models in Unstructured Meshes: Application to Estuarine Flow
Jonatan Mulet Marti; Francisco Alcrudo
10622 Influence of Circulation Weather Types on the Tide Levels Along the Portuguese Coast
P. Pinotes; M. A. V. C. Araujo; A Trigo-Teixeira; I. F. Trigo
10623 Assessment of Material Fluxes in Aquatorium of Burgas Port (Bulgarian Black Sea Coast) by Loicz Biogeochemical Model
Dimitar Marinov; Svetla Miladinova; Jordan Marinski
10624 Multivariate Analysis of Pressures and Driving Factors Affecting the Environmental Status of the Rio de Janeiro Coastal Zone
Arianna Azzellino; Serap Cevirgen; Marcus Polette; Diego Vicinanza

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