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Proceedings of the 3rd IAHR Europe Congress (Porto, 2014)

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10625 2D-3D Coupling of Shallow Water Equations with Navier-Stokes Equations
Florian Mintgen; Michael Manhart
10626 Numerical Analysis of Groundwater in a Drained Beach
Alessandra Saponieri; Leonardo Damiani
10627 PIV Measurements of Air Bubble Breakwater Kinematics
Maciej Paprota
10628 Experimental Verification of a New 3D Numerical Model Involving Wave Transformation Through Flushing Culverts
Michalis Chondros; Vasiliki Katsardi; Vasiliki Tsoukala; Kostas Belibassakis
10629 Nw Iberia Shelf Dynamics: The River Douro Plume
I. Iglesias; X. Couvelard; P. Avilez-Valente; R. M. A. Caldeira
10630 Effect of Turbulence Modelling on SWASH Flow Generated by Bore Collapse on Rough Slope
Maria Tsakiri; Panayotis Prinos
10631 3D Experimental Investigation of Wave Reflection on a Vertical Seawall with Wave Return
Theodora Giantsi; Agisilaos Papadopoulos; C. I. Moutzouris
10632 On SPH Modeling of Surf Zone Turbulence Under Weak Plungers
Christos V. Makris; Constantine D. Memos; Yannis N. Krestenitis
10633 Modelling Sediment Resuspension Caused by Navigation, Waves and Currents (Gulf of Trieste, Northern Adriatic)
Dusan Zagar; Vanja Ramsak; Maja Jeromel; Marko Perkovic; Matjaz Licer; Vlado Malacic
10634 Wave-Induced Pore Pressure States on Seabeds with a High Mud Content
Valeria Chavez; Edgar Mendoza; Rodolfo Silva; Ana Meneses; Dulce Perez; Maria Clavero; Izazkun Benedicto; Miguel A. Losada

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