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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10802 Modelling Soil Water Balance to Assess Impacts of Climate Changes on Water Resources Availability
L. Castiglione; A. Cancelliere
10803 Hydrological Flood Assessment at Sluice River, Portmarnock
W. Schluter
10804 Influence of LAI-NDVI Relations on Runoff Modelling at Basin Scale
P. Milella; T. Bisantino; F. Gentile; G. Trisorio Liuzzi; V. Iacobellis
10805 On the Accuracy of a Simple Method for Relating Local Stage and Remote Discharge
S. Barbetta; L. Brocca; F. Melone; T. Moramarco
10806 Ultrasound Velocity Profile (UVP) Measurements in Shallow Open-Channel Flows
Joao N. Fernandes; Joao B. Leal; Antonio H. Cardoso
10807 Mixing Layer Analogy in Vegetated Open-Channel Flows: A Laboratory Study
Nina Nikora; Vladimir Nikora; Ivano Fadanelli; Maurizio Righetti; Marco Tubino
10808 The New MABA Multi Structure Slot Fish Pass
H. Mader; M. Tauber
10809 Fluvial Functional Index (FFI): A Tool to Requalify River Environment-Experimental Study
P. Piro; M. Carbone; G. Tomei
10810 The Quality of the Hyporheic Interstitial: A Challenge for Morphology and Biology
M. Noack; S. Wieprecht
10811 Transport Simulation in Shallow Water Flows Using Adaptive Methods
Jingming Hou; Franz Simons; Tobias Busse; Reinhard Hinkelmann

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