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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10812 Hydraulic Efficiency Assessment of Several Vertical Slot Fishway Designs
Maria Bermudez; Jeronimo Puertas; Luis Cea; Luis Balairon
10813 Flow Resistance of Rigid and Flexible Emergent Vegetation Revisited
Jochen Aberle; Juha Jarvela; Thomas Schoneboom; Andreas Dittrich
10814 Effects of Plant Leaf Shape on Drag Forces Imposed by Water Flow
Ismail Albayrak; Vladimir Nikora; Oliver Miler; Matthew O'Hare
10815 Water Quality Modeling for the Southern Part of Aswan High Dam Reservoir, Lake Nubia
M. Elshemy; T. T. H. Le; G. Meon; M. Heikal
10816 Microbial Engineers in Aquatic Benthic Habitats
Sabine U. Gerbersdorf; Helen Lubarsky; Melanie Chocholek; Silke Wieprecht
10817 Biomechanical Properties of Aquatic Plants: Implications for Hydraulic Engineering and Aquatic Ecology
O. Miler; I. Albayrak; V. Nikora; M. O'Hare; T. Crane
10818 Implementation of a Cockle Habitat Model in a Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Model: Application to a Shallow Estuary
Luis Cea; Jose Anta; Jeronimo Puertas; Enrique Pena
10819 Investigating the Connections Between Habitat Suitability, River Morphology and Stranding Risk Due to Hydropeaking on Juvenile European Grayling
J. A. Tuhtan; S. Wieprecht; Neider
10820 Lagrangian Properties as Derived from Drifter Data for Oil Spill Model Applications in the Mediterranean Sea
M. De Dominicis; G. Leuzzi; P. Monti; N. Pinardi
10821 Influence of Hydromorphological Processes on Riparian Vegetation Within the Active Channel of a Torrent with Check-Dams
G. Bombino; V. Tamburino; D. A. Zema; S. M. Zimbone

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