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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10822 Prediction of Bedform Dimensions, Bed Roughness and Sediment Transport Under Supply-Limited Conditions in Rivers
A. P. Tuijnder; J. S. Ribberink
10823 Physical and Numerical Model of a New Sediment Trap
Mouldi Ben Meftah; Francesca De Serio; Michele Mossa; Marco Orsi
10824 Physical and Numerical Modelling of Rough Ramps and Slides
M. Oertel; G. Heinz; A. Schlenkhoff
10825 Experimental Study of the Dam-Break Problem over a Bed Step
L. Fraccarollo; G. Rosatti; L. Begnudelli
10826 An Experimental Studies of Scour at Bridge Piers: Collars as a Countermeasure
Nuele Defanti; Giancarlo Di Pasquale; Davide Poggi
10827 Laboratory Study of Flow Strength and Momentum Variations in the Vicinity of Lateral Intakes in the Bent Channels
M. R. Pirestani; M. R. M. Tabatabai; N. Barkhordari; S. P. Jazayeri
10828 Validation of Indirect Discharge Estimation in Open Channels by Means of Lab Experiments
Costanza Arico; Giovanni Corato; Mouldi Ben Meftah; Michele Mossa; Antonio Felice Petrillo; Tullio Tucciarelli
10829 Experimental Study on the Evolution of a Thermally Forced Convective Boundary Layer Through 3D PTV
L. Shindler; M. Moroni; V. Dore; A. Cenedese
10830 Experimental Study of 2D Instationary Flow in Vertical Slot Fishways with and Without Cylinders
D. Calluaud; R. W. Wang; G. Pineau; M. Larinier; A. Texier; L. David
10831 Linking the Near-Bed Velocity Field with Grain Motion over a Gravel Deposit
M. Tregnaghi; A. Bottacin-Busolin; S. J. Tait; A. Marion

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