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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10832 Experiments on the Response of a Rock Block in a Plunge Pool Loaded by a Symmetrical Jet Impact
Matteo P. E. A. Federspiel; Erik F. R. Bollaert; Anton J. Schleiss
10833 Hydraulic Comparison of Standard Vertical Slot and Multi Structure Slot Fish Bypass
M. Tauber; H. Mader
10834 3D Surface and Velocity Measurements: Application to Inclined Plane Flows for Rheological Analysis
S. Jarny; L. Chatellier; F. Gibouin; P. Monnet
10835 The Emergence of Jets in Forced Rotating Shallow Water Turbulence: A Laboratory Study
Stefania Espa; Antonio Cenedese; Gabriella Di Nitto
10836 Analysis of Ship-Wave Loading on Alternative Bank Protection of a Non-Tidal Waterway – First Results
S. De Roo; P. Troch
10837 Integrated European Experimental Hydraulic Research Within Hydralab III
P. Van Steeg; S. A. H. Van Schijndel
10838 Sensing the Uncertainty of Cumulative Flood Losses Due to Varying Flood Peak Distribution Functions in a Monte-Carlo Based Loss Modelling Framework
S. Achleitner; M. Huttenlau; B. Gems; J. Stotter; M. Aufleger
10839 Multicriteria Stability Analysis of River Embankments Based on Past Experience
T. Heyer; H. -B. Horlacher; J. Stamm
10840 Fast Solution of Diffusive Shallow Water Equations for Real Time Flood Prediction
Costanza Arico; Marco Sinagra; Angelica Tarpanelli; Tommaso Moramarco; Tullio Tucciarelli; .
10841 Optimizing Flood Protection by Using Two-Dimensional HN-Models
S. Theobald; S. Muller

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