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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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ID Title Authors Year
10842 Frameworks for Adapting to Flood Risk: Experiences from the Eu's Flood Resilient City Project
Richard Ashley; John Blanksby; Tony Maguire; Tom Leahy
10843 Flood Protection of Levice Town. Implementation of Directive 2007/60/Ec of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks
Katarina Cipovova
10844 Upgrade of the Tagus Basin Decision Support System
Ignacio Villanueva
10845 Development of Equations for Prediction of Blockage at Trash Screens
Nicholas Wallerstein; Scott Arthur
10846 A Simplified Prediction Model for the Outflow Hydrograph Due to Partial Dam Break
Marco Pilotti; Massimo Tomirotti; Giulia Valerio; B. Bacchi
10847 A Framework for Integrated Flood Risk Management
Paul Samuels; Mark Morris; Paul Sayers; Jean-Dominique Creutin; Andreas Kortenhaus; Frans Klijn; Erik Mosselman; Ad Van Os; Jochen Schanze
10848 Application of Flood Management Systems in Germany
M. Gretzschel; R. Jupner; M. Grafe; R. Leiner
10849 Flood Control at Multipurpose Reservoirs Considering Downstream Hazards and Water Quality
Reinhard Pohl
10850 The Use of Real Options in Optimum Flood Risk Management Decision Making
Michelle Woodward; Ben Gouldby; Zoran Kapelan; Soon-Thiam Khu; Ian Townend
10851 Dam Operation During Extreme Floods
H. Haufe; H. -B. Horlacher; J. Stamm

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