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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10852 A Study of Population Density Effects and Demographic Profiling on Recorded Customer Contacts of Sewer Flooding
D. Unwin; S. Arthur
10853 Automatic Classification of Municipal Call Data for Quantitative Urban Drainage System Analysis
J. A. E. Ten Veldhuis; R. C. Harder; M. Loog
10854 Effects of Rating-Curve Uncertainty on the Calibration of Numerical Hydraulic Models
A. Domeneghetti; A. Castellarin; A. Brath
10855 Numerical Aspects in Simulating Overland Flow Events
Pierfranco Costabile; Carmelina Costanzo; Francesco Macchione
10856 Evaluating a New LISFLOOD-FP Formulation with Data from the Summer 2007 Floods in Tewkesbury, UK
Jeff Neal; Guy Schumann; Tim Fewtrell; Mirianna Budimir; Paul Bates; David Mason
10857 The Role of Boussinesq's Coefficient in Computing Flood Propagation in Compound Channels
Pierfranco Costabile; Francesco Macchione
10858 A New Rapid Flood Inundation Model
Yang Liu; Gareth Pender
10859 Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a Confined Turbulent Multiphase Jet
M. Raboni; E. Torti; S. Sibilla
10860 Production and Dissipation of Turbulent Kinetic Energy in the Roughness Layer
Rui M. L. Ferreira; Mafalda Amatruda; Ana M. Ricardo; M′Ario J. Franca; Cristiana Di Cristo
10861 Numerical Simulation of Flow Expansion with SPH
Gregor Petkovsek; Rudi Rajar; Matjar Cetina; Dusan Zagar

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