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Proceedings of the 1st IAHR Europe Congress (Edinburgh, 2010)

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10872 Hydraulic Characteristics of the Open Annular Flume – Experiment and Numerical Simulation
Gudrun Hillebrand; Nils Reidar B. Olsen
10873 Idealised Model for Flow Towards a Dam Breach
Paul Samuels; Mark Morris
10874 Turbulent Flow Structures in a Heterogeneous Channel and Their Effects on Conveyance Characteristics
M. Jesson; M. Sterling; J. Bridgeman
10875 A New Adaptive Grid Based Shallow Flow Model for Flood Simulation
Qiuhua Liang
10876 Modelling of Exchange Flow in Horizontal Channels with Quadratic-Shape Cross Sections: Parnu River Mouth Case Study
Janek Laanearu; Anatoli Vassiljev; Peter Davies
10877 Analysis of Wave and Turbulence Measurements in Wind-Driven Shallow Basins
K. Homorodi; T. Kramer; J. Jozsa
10878 Solids Transport in Upper Plane Bed Regime
V. Matousek
10879 Evaluation of Hydraulic Roughness of Stationary Deposit in Slurry Pipes
J. Krupicka; V. Matousek
10880 Influence of the Flow and Bed Parameters on the Scour at Bridge Structures
B. Gjunsburgs; G. Jaudzems; E. Govsha
10881 Modelling Free-Surface Flows and Highly Transient Mixed Flows: A 1D Three-Phase Approach
F. Kerger; P. Archambeau; B. J. Dewals; S. Erpicum; M. Pirotton

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