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Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Europe Congress (Munich, 2012)

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ID Title Authors Year
11264 Artificial Reproduction of the Surface Structure in a Gravel Bed
Spiller Stephan; Ruther Nils; Baumann Benjamin
11265 Fish Downstream Passage at the TUM-Hydro Shaft Power Plant Experimental Study of Fish Behavior
Mathilde Cuchet; Franz Geiger; Albert Sepp; Peter Rutschmann
11266 Gamma-Ray-Based Method for Density Sensing in Pipes-Evaluation of Measurement and Data Processing
Jan Krupicka; Vaclav Matousek
11267 On the Piano Key Weir Hydraulics
Machiels Olivier; Erpicum Sebastien; Archambeau Pierre; Dewals Benjamin; Pirotton; Michel
11268 GIS-Based Data Preparation and Surface Flow Simulations of the Nilufer River Basin in Turkey
Serdar Korkmaz
11269 Sediment Entrainment and Flocculation Mediated by Microbial Produced Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS)
Moritz Thom; Holger Schmidt; Silke Wieprecht; Sabine U. Gerbersdorf
11270 Design Optimization of Existing Vertical Slot Fishways by Cylinder Adjunction
Bourtal Badreddine; Pineau Gerard; Calluaud Damien; Texier Alain; Pons Frederic; David Laurent
11271 Aquatic Ecosystems and the Second Law Inequality: Estimating Alpine Fish Habitats Using Entropy Generation Minimization
Jeff A. Tuhtan; Silke Wieprecht
11272 Assessing the Effects of Rapid Flow Changes on a Macrozoobenthos Community in the Alpine Rhine Using Casimir-GIS
Matthias Schneider; Ianina Kopecki; Peter Baumann; Jeff A. Tuhtan
11273 Downstream Fish Migration and Intake Structure Optimization-a Synergy?
Carl Robert Kriewitz; Jill Lucas; Adriano Lais

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