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Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Europe Congress (Munich, 2012)

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11176 Comparison of Physical Modeling and CFD Simulation of Flow over Spillway in the Kavsak Dam
Mehmet Ali Kokpinar; Serife Yurdagul Kumcu; Izzet Ozgun Guler
11177 A General Closure Roe Solver for Hyper-Concentrated Shallow Flows over Mobile Bed
Lorenzo Begnudelli; Giorgio Rosatti
11178 3D Numerical Simulation of Supercritical Channel Junction Flow
Robert Feurich; Nils Reidar B. Olsen
11179 Scour Development in Basins of Cross-BAR Block Ramps
Mario Oertel; Andreas Schlenkhoff
11180 Riprap Protection of Vertical-Wall and Spill-Trough Bridge Abutments
Antonio Cardoso; Cristina Fael; Gonzalo Simarro; Anton Schleiss
11181 Multi-Scale Correlation in Turbulent Open-Channel Gravel-Bed River Flows
Mario J. Franca; Rui M. L. Ferreira; Ulrich Lemmin
11182 Stilling Basin Length Optimization for Hvammur Hydro Electric Project
Andri Gunnarsson; Sigurdur M. Gardarsson; Gunnar G. Tomasson; Helgi Johannesson
11183 Experimental and Numerical Modelling of the Velocity Distribution in the Dissipation Chamber of a Navigation Lock with Loop Culvert Filling
Christiaens Damien; Contino Francesco; Dubois Nicolas; Seynhaeve Jean-Marie; Jeanmart Herve; Zech Yves; Savary Celine; Bousmar Didier; Soares-Frazao; Sandra
11184 Dynamic Pressures Around a Confined Block Impacted by Plunging Aerated High-Velocity Jets
Rafael Duarte; Erik Bollaert; Anton Schleiss; Antonio Pinheiro
11185 Sensitivity of Phase Detection Techniques in Aerated Chute Flows to Hydraulic Design Parameters
Daniel B. Bung

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