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Proceedings of the 2nd IAHR Europe Congress (Munich, 2012)

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11216 Experimental Investigations of 2D Stationary Mixed Flows and Numerical Comparison
N. Van Nam; S. Erpicum; B. Dewals; M. Pirotton; P. Archambeau
11217 Influencing Parameters for Friction Factors and Energy Dissipation on Cross-BAR Block Ramps
Mario Oertel
11218 Development of Surface Velocity Divergence Model for Gas Transfer Phenomena in Open-Channel Flows
Michio Sanjou; Iehisa Nezu
11219 Disinfection Contact Tanks: Contemporary Design and Modelling Considerations
Athanasios Angeloudis; William B Rauen; Roger A Falconer
11220 Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Entrainment of Sediment Grains
Manousos Valyrakis; Panos S; Clinton Dancey
11221 Large-Scale Hydraulic Model Tests for Floating Debris Jams at Spillways
Arnd Hartlieb
11222 Flood Risk Management Planning for the Hessian Catchment Area of the Fulda River
Stephan Theobald; Frank Roland; Albert Kreil; Martin Marburger
11223 Friction Coefficient for Upper Plane Bed
Vaclav Matousek; Jan Krupicka
11224 Impact of Singularities on the Discharge Distribution in Open-Channel Bifurcations
Anuel Mignot; Gaston Dominguez; Cheng Zeng; Chi-Wai Li; Nicolas Riviere; Pierre-Henri Bazin
11225 On Simulating Mixing Process in Dam-Break Flows
Wei Jian; Dongfang Liang

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