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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Trondheim, 2020)

ID Title Authors Year
8498 Scale Effects in Lattice-Based Modeling of Ice Sheet
Arttu Polojärvi; Ville-Pekka Lilja; Jukka Tuhkuri; Jani Paavilainen
8499 The Adhesion of Fresh Water Ice to Concrete at Varying Pressure and Duration for Dry and Wet Condition
Titli Pramanik; Stephen Bruneau; Bruce Colbourne; Anne Barker
8500 Influence of Water Freezing in Tidal Cracks on the Formation of Ice Stresses in Coastal Zones of the Arctic Sea
Aleksandra Visich; Aleksey Marchenko
8501 Real-Time Classification of the Sea Ice Interacting on a Bridge Pier Using Artificial Intelligence Technique
S. Ansari; C. D. Rennie; L. Poirier
8502 Grease-Pancake Sea Ice Thickness Retrieval from SAR Image Wave Spectra with the Close-Packing Wave Model
Giacomo De Carolis; Francesca De Santi
8503 Medium Range Sea Ice Prediction for Japanese Research Vessel Mirai’s Expedition Cruise in 2019
L. W. A. De Silva; H. Yamaguchi
8504 On the Ice and Wind Conditions in the Northern Part of the Gulf of Bothnia Leading Ice-Induced Vibration
Ersegun Deniz Gedikli; Morten Bjerkås; Knut Vilhelm Høyland; Vegard Hornnes; Joshua Turner
8505 Svalbard Fjord Environments with Land-Fast Sea Ice as Arenas for Climate Research, Monitoring, Remote Sensing Validation, and Dedicated Process Studie
S. Gerland; D. V. Divine; A. Fransson; M. A. Granskog; O. Pavlova; M. Chierici; K. Høyland; A. M. Johansson; A. Marchenko
8506 Unsupervised Information Selection in Multimodal Sea Ice Remote Sensing
Eduard Khachatrian; Saloua Chlaily; Torbjørn Eltoft; Andrea Marinoni
8507 Marginal Ice Zone (MIZ) Field Investigation in the Western Barents Sea in April 2017-2019
Nataliya Marchenko

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