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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Trondheim, 2020)

ID Title Authors Year
8508 Evaluating Human and Machine Performance on the Classification of Sea Ice Image
Ole-Magnus Pedersen; Ekaterina Kim
8509 A Note on Remote Temperature Measurements with Ds18B20 Digital Sensor
Chris Petrich; Irina Sæther; Nga P. Dang; Øystein Kleven; Megan O’Sadnick
8510 Comparison of in-Situ Measurements from the Norströmsgrund Lighthouse to Copernicus Reanalysis Product
Joshua Dennis Turner; Knut Vilhelm Høyland; Vegard Hornnes; Ersegun Deniz Gedikli
8511 Physical Properties of Summer Arctic Sea Ice During 20082018
Qingkai Wang; Peng Lu; Zhijun Li; Bing Tan
8512 Seasonal Changes of Sea Ice Conditions Along the Arctic Northeast Passage from 2010 to 2019
Miao Yu; Peng Lu; Zhijun Li; Zhiyuan Li; Xiaodong Chen
8513 Spallation-Based Numerical Simulation of Ice-Induced Vibration of a Structure
R. Gagnon
8514 Combined Distribution of Ice Thickness and Speed Based on Local Measurements at the Norströmsgrund Lighthouse 2000-2003
Vegard Hornnes; Knut Vilhelm Høyland; Joshua Dennis Turner; Ersegun Deniz Gedikli; Morten Bjerkås
8515 Scale-Model Ridges and Interaction with Narrow Structures, Part 1 Overview and Scaling
Aleksey Shestov; Aase Ervik; Jaakko Heinonen; Ilka Perälä; Knut V. Høyland; Evgenii Salganik; Hongtao Li; Marnix Van Den Berg; Zongyu Jiang; Otto Puolakka
8516 Development of an Experimental Setup to Investigate the Impact of Higher Structural Modes on Dynamic Ice-Structure Interaction
Timo Stange; Gesa Ziemer; Rüdiger U. Franz Von Bock Und Polach
8517 Research on Mechanism and Application of Ship Resonance Ice-Breaking
Dai Huiling; Pang Fuzhen; Lang Jicai; Li Haichao

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