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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Trondheim, 2020)

ID Title Authors Year
8518 Numerical Simulations of Naval Vessel Collisions with Ice R
Gagnon; J. Wang; D. Seo; J. Mackay
8519 Evaluation of Ship Icebreaking Capability Based on a Simple Criterion
E. Karulin; M. Karulina
8520 Model-Scale Testing of Icebreaking Pattern and Comparison with State-of-the-Art Method
Fang Li; Tam Aaron; Pentti Kujala
8521 Penetration Distance of Icebreaker “Shirase” During Her Antarctic Voyage and the Calculation of Ship Ramming in Heavy Ice Condition
Junji Sawamura; Hajime Yamaguchi; Shuki Ushio; Shigeya Mizuno
8522 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Ice from a Refrozen Ship Channel Ice in Bay of Bothnia
Vasiola Zhaka; Victoria Bonath; Bjørnar Sand; Andrzej Cwirzen
8523 Mooring Analysis of an Ice Resistant Drilling Semi in Arctic Region
Yan Qu; Dongchang Chen; Haoyangyin; Ziwei Huang
8524 Statistical Analysis of Results from Ice-Tank Tests with Broken Ice
Marnix Van Den Berg Raed Lubbad Sveinung Løset
8525 Sheltering Effect in the Wake of a Ridge Keel in Homogeneous and Stratified Flow
Yongheng Zu; Peng Lu; Zhijun Li
8526 Numerical Simulation of the Interaction Between the Plane Wave and a Shore-Connecting Ice Plate
Ni Bao-Yu; He Kang-Jian; Hu Wen-Jin; Zeng Ling-Dong
8527 Impact of Wave-Induced Sea Ice Fragmentation on Sea Ice Dynamics in the Miz
Guillaume Boutin; Timothy Williams; Pierre Rampal; Einar Olason; Camille Lique

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