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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice (Trondheim, 2020)

ID Title Authors Year
8528 Calibrating Viscoelastic Wave-in-Ice Models for Different Types of Sea Ice Cover
Sukun Cheng; Justin Stopa; Fabrice Ardhuin; Hayley H. Shen
9040 Hydroelastic waves propagating in a shallow fluid contained in a channel covered by two ice sheets of finite width
L. D. Zeng; A. A. Korobkin; B. Y. Ni; Y. Z. Xue
8529 Modelling Ocean Gravity Wave Dispersion of Young Sea Ice in the Miz
F. De Santi; G. Passoni; P. Olla; A. Abbà; L. Valdettaro; E. De Angelis; G. De Carolis
8530 Fully Dispersive Models for Flexural-Gravity Wave
Evgueni Dinvay; Henrik Kalisch; Emilian I. Parau; Ufr
8531 Vertical Impact onto Floating Ice
Alexander Korobkin; Tatyana Khabakhpasheva; Haixuan Ye; Kevin Maki
8532 Systematic Investigation of Data Analysis Methods in Wave-Ice Interaction Problem
Hongtao Li; Ersegun Deniz Gedikli; Raed Lubbad
8533 A Comparison of Wave Observations in the Arctic Marginal Ice Zone with Spectral Model
Trygve K. Løken; Jean Rabault; Erin E. Thomas; Malte Müller; Kai H. Christensen; Graig Sutherland; Atle Jensen
8534 Elasticity and Viscosity of Ice Measured in the Experiment on Wave Propagation Below the Ice in Hsva Ice Tank
Aleksey Marchenko; Andrea Haase; Atle Jensen; Benjamin Lishman; Jean Rabault; Karl-Ulrich Evers; Mark Shortt; Torsten Thiel
8535 Development of Open Source Instruments for in-Situ Measurements of Waves in Ice
J. Rabault; J. Voermans; G. Sutherland; A. Jensen; A. Babanin; K. Filchuk
8536 Modeling New Ice Formation Under the Influence of Ocean Wave
Hayley H. Shen; Stephen F. Ackley; Hung Tao Shen; Che Yue

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