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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice

ID Title Authors Year
8538 The Response of Semi-Infinite Ice Sheet to a Moving Load
Sturova I. V. ; Tkacheva L. A.
8539 Uncertainty in Ocean Wave Estimate in the Arctic Ocean
T. Waseda; T. Nose; T. Kodaira; K. Nakano; J. Inoue; K. Sato
8540 Theoretical Model for Predicting the Breakup of Ice Covers Due to Wave Ice Interaction
Changpeng Zhang; Xin Zhao
8541 Possibly Approaches for Under Ice Oil Pollution Detection
V. K. Goncharov; I. V. Aleshin; R. D. Smolin; A. V. Sudakov
8542 Thermal Deformations of Frozen Clay Caused by Cyclic Changes of Temperature and Thermal Impact
Artem Nesterov; Aleksey Marchenko; Nicolai Vasiliev
8543 Ice Formation in Norwegian Fjords – Findings from the 2018 - 2019 Field Season
M. O’Sadnick; C. Petrich; Ø. Kleven; J. Skarðhamar; C. Brekke
8544 Sufficient Independence Between Barrier
Stian Ruud
8545 Monitoring of 3D Motion of Drifting Iceberg with an Ice Tracker Equipped with Accelerometer
Aleksey Marchenko; Alex Zenkin; Nataly Marchenko; Chris Paynter; Yiyi Whitchelo; Thea J. Ellevold; Atle Jensen
8546 A Tabulated Review of 83 Laboratory Studies on Frazil Ice
Paul D. Barrette
8547 Observations of Supercooling in River
Sean Boyd; Tadros R. Ghobrial; Mark R. Loewen

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