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Proceedings of the 25th IAHR International Symposium on Ice

ID Title Authors Year
8558 Creation of Artificial Mountain Glaciers as a Way of Water Supplying in Arid Regions of Central Asia
Nicolai Vasiliev; Vladimir Moiseev; Tatyana Komarova; Olga Komarova
8559 Flow Discharge Estimation Method Considering River and Crystal Ice Thickness, Hq Equation, and Measured Values During the Freezing Period
Hiroki Yabe; Osamu Ohno; Hiroshi Yokoyama
8560 Observation and Simplified Simulation of Ice Melting Process in Ice Covered River
Hiroshi Yokoyama; Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Yu Inami; Hiroki Yabe
8561 Simple Ice Jam Simulation Around Bridge Pier
Yasuhiro Yoshikawa; Hiroshi Yokoyama; Yu Inami
8562 Measurement of Static Ice Loads on Dams, with Varied Water Level
A. B. Foss
8563 A Parametric Numerical Study of Factors Influencing the Thermal Ice Pressure Along a Dam
Rikard Hellgren; Richard Malm
8564 Static Ice Loads on a Dam in a Small Norwegian Reservoir
Chris Petrich; Irina Sæther; Megan O’Sadnick; Bård Arntsen
8565 Investigating the Sensitivity of Small River Bridge Pier Ice Forces to Parameter Variation Using Sam
Einar Rødtang
8566 Numerical Analysis of Ice Loads on Taraldsvikfossen Dam
Andreas Seger; Bjørnar Sand; Bård Arntsen; Chris Petrich; Megan O’Sadnick
8567 Riprap to Resist Wave and Ice Loads Acting on the Upstream Slope of an Embankment Dam
Fjóla G. Sigtryggsdóttir

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