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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science (Coastlab2020, Zhoushan)

ID Title Authors Year
8808 Coupling Simulation of Waves and Storm Surges in a Wave-Current Flume
Pan Junning; Chen Maowen; Sun Tianting; Wang Dengting; Sun Zhongbin
8809 the Properties of Rational Function Wave Spectrum (RWS) and Its Application to Island Waves in the South China Sea
Zhi Zong; Yigeng Wang; Lizhou
8810 Wave Overtopping at Seawalls with Bullnose
Tang Xuan Tho; Le Hai Trung; Dang Thi Linh; Nguyen Truong Duy; Tran Thanh Tung
8811 Numerical Simulation of Force and Deformation of a SPM Deep-Water Aquaculture Cage
Xiaohua Huang; Liuyang Sui; Haiyang Liu
8812 High-Speed Soft Robots Enabled by Combustion for Structural Health Monitoring in Ocean Engineering
Haipeng Wang; Yang Yang; Guanzheng Lin; Xinghong Ye; Wentao Li; Luqin Hong; Ali Matin Nazar; King-James I. Egbe; Zhiguo He; Pengcheng Jiao
8813 Smartphone-Enabled Structural Health Monitoring Using Magnetic Field Intensity
Ali Matin Nazar; King-James I. Egbe; Yang Yang; Haipeng Wang; Pengcheng Jiao
8814 Impact of Toe Scour on Wave Overtopping over a Vertical Wall
Zhong Peng; Qing He
8815 Development of Coupling Program and Dynamic Response of Articulated Offshore Wind Turbine
Zhang Pei; Tang Yougang; Yang Shugeng; Li Yan
8816 Energy Properties for Higher-Order Stokes Waves over Horizontal Bottom
Xiang Gao; Xiaozhou Ma; Yuxiang Ma; Guohai Dong; Junliang Gao
8817 Simultaneous Measurement of Horizontal and Vertical Velocities and Forces Beneath a Tidal Bore
Muhammad Zain Bin Riaz; Shu-Qing Yang; Muttucumaru Sivakumar

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