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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science (Coastlab2020, Zhoushan)

ID Title Authors Year
8818 Two-Layered Liquid Sloshing in a Rectangular Tank Under Vertical Excitation
Dongming Liu; Pengzhi Lin; Dongyi Yan; Jijian Lian
8819 Numerical Simulations for Body Hydrodymatic Responses Within Uneven Seabed Condition
Aichun Fenga; B; Ke Chenb; C
8820 Combined Energy Harvesting and Data Compression Approaches for Efficient Extreme Events Monitoring in CIVIL Infrastructure
Talal Salem; Nizar Lajnef; Pengcheng Jiao
8821 Necessity of Using a Wave Friction Factor in Tsunami Numerical Simulation
Hitoshi Tanaka; Nguyen Xuan Tinh
8822 the Contact Measurement Method of Motion Response for a Constrained Floating Object Under Wave Action
Tengxiao Wang; Heng Jin; Ruiyin Song
8823 Preliminary Study on Tidal Defense Engineering of the Diaokou River
Xiongbo Chen; Li Zhang; Shentang Dou
8824 Preliminary Study on the Utilization and High-Quality Development of Tidal Flat Resources in the Yellow River Estuary
Li Zhang; Juan Jing; Yuanlu Yun; Jiwei Li; Yanming Peng
8825 Research on Control Scheme in Yuwareach of the Yellow River Estuary
Yanjie Liang; Juan Jing
8826 Current Velocity Measuring System of River Model Based on Virtual Instrument Technology
Zhang Hong-Wei
8827 Morphodynamic Responses of Pingshuiqiao Beach to a Storm Surge Using Argus Image
Zilong Xia; Cuiping Kuang; Lei Zhu; Yuhua Zheng; Yunlong Wu

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