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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Outfall Systems (Ottawa, 2016)

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9166 A Turbulent Jet in a Turbulent Background: Implications for Outfall
A. Perez-Alvarado; L. M. Mydlarski; S. J. Gaskin
9167 Quantifying Boundary Impingement of Inclined Negatively Buoyant Jet
A. Ramakanth; M. J. Davidson; R. I. Nokes
9168 Integral Model for Bubble Plumes from Line-Source Geometry
A. L. Dissanayake; M. Rezvani; S. A. Socolofsky; K. A. Bierlein; J. C. Little
9169 Far Field Dilution of Desalination Brine Discharges in the Northern Arabian Gulf
Aaron C. Chow; E. Eric Adams; Bader Al-Anzi; Khawla Al-Shayji; Tanuspong Pokavanich; Yousef Al-Osairi; Robin Morelissen; Wilbert Verbruggen
9170 Numerical Modelling of Mixing of the RAS-Laffan Desalination Plant Outfall in Qatar Coastal Water
A. Pilechi; A. M. Mohammadian; C. D. Rennie; H. Qiblawey
9171 Optimizing Outfall System Configurations Using Decision Support and Numerical Models. Case Study of Santa Catarina Island, Brazil
A. V. Falkenberg; R. C. Barletta; L. Franklin; P. Ribeiro; P. G. De Lara; T. Bleninger; A. B. Trevisan; V. Dos Santos
9172 Experimental and Numerical Study of Non-Buoyant Surface Jet
A. Gharavi; A. Mohammadian; I. Nistor; H. M. Qiblawey
9173 Pollutant Impact of Sewage Discharges Through Pollutant Transport Model
A. N. Menéndez; E. A. Lecertúa; M. Sabarots Gerbec
9174 Numerical Modeling of Vertical Buoyant Jets Discharged from Multiport Diffuser
B. Ghodoosipour; A. Mohammadian; I. Nistor
9175 Laboratory and Numerical Modelling Compared with Field Trials of Dilution at the Sydney Desalination Plant Outfall
B. M. Miller; G. P. Smith; J. E. Ruprecht.

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