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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Outfall Systems (Ottawa, 2016)

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9176 Numerical Simulation of a Thermal Free-Surface Outfall Influenced by an Adjacent Facility
Carlos Serrano Moreno; Jungwook Lee; Myung Eun Lee
9177 Underwater Intake-Outfall for a Pumped-Storage Power Station
C. Guzmán; C. De La Barra.
9178 Monitoring Sea Outfall Discharges in São Paulo Coast - Brazil
C. C. Lamparelli; D. O. Moura; K. C. Pinto; A. C. Camolez
9179 Numerical Studies on the Dynamic Coupling of a Near Field and a FAR Field Model
C. O. Horita; T. Bleninger; J. L. B. De Carvalho; R. Morelissen; T. Van Der Kaaij
9180 Linking Nearfield CFD Models of Buoyant Discharges to Farfield Dispersion Model
D. A. Botelho; I. L. Teakle; M. Barnes; M. E. Barry; R. Baheerathan; G. Shiell; G. C. Collecut
9181 Predicting the Trap Elevation of Small Droplets from the Deepwater Horizon Blowout Under Conditions of Weak Crossflow
D. Wang; E. E. Adams; A. Chow
9182 Preliminary Design of a River Wastewater Outfall and Associated Treatment System
D. N. Bottelli; G. Nociari; S. H. Martijena
9183 Concentration Measurements in Horizontal Dense Jets at Low and Moderate Reynolds Number
Dongdong Shao; Dingyong Huang; Baoxin Jiang; Adrian Wing-Keung Law
9184 Vertical Mixing of Desalination Reject Brine That Accumulates in Local Depressions After Near Field Mixing
E. Eric Adams; Ishita Shrivastava; Aaron C. Chow
9185 Numerical Modelling of Effluent Dilution and Dispersion in the Lower Fraser River
Edwin Wang; Ken Christison; Ryan P. Mulligan

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