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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Outfall Systems (Ottawa, 2016)

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9186 Design and Construction of Open Cooling Circuits for Power Plant
Eloy Pita; Mario Sánchez-Barriga
9187 A Marine Outfall as an Alternative Sewerage Disposal Scheme for St. Helena Island
F. Van Eeden; M. Retief; R. Van Ballegooyen; G. Jacobs; A. Malan
9188 Impact of Albufeira Bay (Portugal) Outfall Plumes in Bathing Water Quality, a Modelling Approach
F. Verissimo; F. Martins
9189 Comparison of Salinity and Temperature Mixing: Experimental and Numerical Study
H. Alfaifi; A. Mohammadian; H. Kheirkhah Gildeh
9190 Case Study of Ø2500 MM Hdpe Intake Pipelines for RAS Djinet 1200 Mw Ccpp in Algeria
Ilija Radeljić Msc
9191 Oil Slick Breakup and Coalescence Under Breaking Wave
Indrajith D. Nissanka; Poojitha D. Yapa
9192 Effect of Crossflow and Diffuser Length on the Mixing Performance of Multiport Diffuser
Ishita Shrivastava; E. Eric Adams
9193 Study of a Vertical Dense Chlorine Jet into Treated Sewage
J. K. Yang; S. N. Chan; K. W. Choi; J. H. W. Lee
9194 Significant Variables in Initial Dilution Process in Submarine Outfalls Systems. Alternatives Comparison
J. P. Yanes; J. P. Ortiz; J. A. Vilalta
9195 Two Case Studies of Deep-Sea Tailings Outfalls in the Tropical Southern Pacific
James Stronach; Aurelien Hospital; Albert Leung; Daniel Potts; Allister Thompson

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