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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Outfall Systems (Ottawa, 2016)

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ID Title Authors Year
9196 An Integrative Methodology to Analyse the Location of the New Suances Waste Waters Treatment Plant Based on the Carrying Capacity of the Suances Estuary
J. García-Alba; J. F. Bárcena; A. García; C. Álvarez
9197 Modelling of Jeddah Sewage Outfalls, Ksa
K. Rakha; A. Elansary; S. Abo-Hadima
9198 Modeling of Oil Spreading Under Ice Covers Using Smooth Particle Hydrodynamic
Lakshitha T. Premathilake; Poojitha D. Yapa
9199 Plume Analysis at the End of the Near Field Region
L. Marcon; C. O. Horita; T. Bleninger
9200 A Model for Assessment of Ecological Impact from Gas Releases in Deepwater
Malinda R. Wimalaratne; Poojitha D. Yapa
9201 Mean and Turbulent Properties of a Wake Behind a Round Bubble Plume
M. Rezvani; A. L. Dissanayake; S. A. Socolofsky
9202 Method to Classify and Visualize Time Series Simulations of Submarine Outfall
M. M. Ishikawa; T. Bleninger; A. V. Falkenberg; R. C. Barletta; A. B. Trevisan; V. Dos Santos
9203 Ottawa River Water Quality Model Improvement Study
D. M. Fullarton; R. D. Scott; D. J. Kolijn; D. Maclennan
9204 Duckbill Nozzle Knowledge Base for Inland and Marine Outfall Diffuser Designers and Modeler
Michael J. Duer
9205 A Meshfree Method for Simulating Oil Spill Problem
M. Kolahdoozan; S. Faraji Gargary

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