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Proceedings of the International Symposium on Outfall Systems (Ottawa, 2016)

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9206 Dense Discharge in Flowing Water Through Rosette Diffuser
Ozeair Abessi; Philip J. W. Roberts
9207 Hybrid Model of Santos Outfall, São Paulo, Brazil
P. Alfredini; E. Arasaki; J. C. M. Bernardino
9208 Modelling Ocean Acidification Due to Release of Co2 Droplets from a Hydrothermal System
Pubudu Kumarage; Poojitha D. Yapa; Kisaburo Nakata
9209 Study of a Chemically Reacting Chlorine Dense Jet Discharging into Coflowing Treated Sewage
Q. S. Qiao; S. N. Chan; K. W. Choi; J. H. W. Lee
9210 A Study on Monochloramine Dissipation in Stormwater Sewer System
Qianyi Zhang; Evan G. R. Davies; James Bolton; Yang Liu
9211 Physical Oceanographic Measurements to Support the Outfall System Design in the North of Santa Catarina Island, Brazil
R. C. Barletta; P. Ribeiro; A. V. Falkenberg; M. O. A. Maranhão; L. Franklin; L. Benedet; P. G. De Lara; A. B. Trevisan; V. Dos Santos; T. Bleninger
9212 3D Numerical Modelling of Secondary Current in the Shallow River Bends and Confluence
Rawaa Shaheed; Abdolmajid Mohammadian; Hossein Kheirkhah Gildeh
9213 High Resolution Modeling of the Grand River Discharge into the Nearshore of Lake Erie
Reza Valipour; Luis F. Leon; Ram Yerubandi; Natalia Demchenko; Craig Mccrimmon
9214 Multiport Diffuser Design for Regulatory Mixing Zone Compliance
Robert L. Donekera; Adithya S. Ramachandranb; Frank Opilac
9215 Innovative Opportunities in the Designs of Intake and Outfall System
Robin Morelissen; Wilbert Verbruggen; Roland Vlijm

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